Inflatable Movie Screen

(Full Outdoor Cinema System )

Our high definition inflatable movie screen, projector paired with a professional grade sound system is sure to please all!

Our movie rental service includes Screen, Projector, Sound, Set up & Tear down as well as generator! 

You are responsible for provide your movie player (blueray, DVD, laptop) and movie.

See below for Movie Licensing details

14′ Diagonal Open Air Event Pro Outdoor Movie Screen, 84 square feet ,80 pounds, high quality, durability with a sturdy reinforced PVC Vinyl Material.

Optoma Full HD 1080p 3D DLP Data Projector EH500 with 4700 Lumens. Equipped with 2 HDMI ports so you can connect mutliple HD devices, such as computers and blue ray player.

– 150 Watt Yamaha Speaker/stand

– 450 Watt Makie Speaker/stand

– Subwoofer

Movie Licensing

(We don't distribute licenses, see links below)

A Public Performance License is required for anyone that plans on showing a movie that is open to the Public.

According to the Canadian Copyright Act wich states that “all public performances of commercially available copyrighted movies must be licensed with the proper rights owner or representative”

Who needs one?

In almost all instances a license is required. However, for private events such as backyard movies, no license is required. For school events, check with your principal to ensure someone subscribes to one of the mentioned providers!

Outdoor Movie License Providers

Visit the websites above to view all of their available movie titles and the studios they carry.  

Some movie event ideas........

  • movies in the park 
  • backyard party
  • dock at the lake
  • pool side
  • birthday parties
  • family reunions
  • film festivals
  • corporate events
  • end of year party
  • music videos
  • school events
  • video gaming
  • golf course
  • advertising events
  • wedding slide shows
  • parking lots

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