8" & 16" Bears

The following bears come in both 8" & 16" sizes

Abby the Angel Bear

Petunia the Pug

Speedy the Sloth

Pudge the Pig

Puddles the Duck

Gum Drop the Pony

Jelly Bean the Pony

Onyx the Orca

Bandit the Dog

Al Egator

Baby Blue Patches Bear

Bamboo the Panda

Bessie the Cow

Benjamin the Black Bear

Benny the Tiger

Berry Bunny

Camo Bear

Brown Patches Bear

Bubblegum Bear

Cammie Bear

Chestnut the Horse

Candy the Dog

Charlie the Cheetah

Cheeky Monkey

Cotton Candy bear

Cotton Tail Bunny

Chilly Polar Bear

Chip the Bear

Cupcake Kitty

Dan the Lion

Dyno Dinosaur

Ed the Reindeer

Flopsy the Bunny

Furry the Brown Bear

Fearless the Dragon

Fizzy the Bear

Goldie the Retriever

Graham Cracker the Bear

Gerry the Giraffe

Glitter the Horse

Hop the Frog

Jewel the Dragon

Kevin the Koala

Harmony Bear

Lucky the Ladybug

Marshmallow the Cat

Lambert the Lamb

Lavender Bear

Mystic the Unicorn

Otis the Country Bear

Melvin the Moose

Molly the Manatee

Pinky the Elephant

Popcorn the Duck

PanPan the Panda

Pink Patches Bear

Rainbow the Bear

Ribbit the Frog

Poppy the Poodle

Pouncer the Panther

Shiver the Snowman

Rosie the Rabbit

Roxy the Fox

Shadow the Black Lab

Snowshoe the Husky

Spots the Leopard

Star the Unicorn

Snowflakes the Tiger

Trunks the Elephant

Tucker the Terrier

Tank the Bulldog

Timber the Wolf

Whiskers the Cat

Olive Reindeer

Pebble the Penguin

Valentino Bear 8" only

Winter the Leopard

Klondike the Husky

Tundra the Polar Bear

Patches Dog 8" only

Zippy the Zebra

Mookey Monkey

Bubbles the Dolphin

Chewy Chihuahua 8" only

Holly the Hedgehog

Holly the Hedgehog

Tux the Penguin

Liberty bald eagle 8" only

Ruby the purple & red Dragon 8" only

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